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Private Money Lending

Integrity is not just a slogan, it is a way of life in business and our personal day to day relationships. Do what you say you will do and do it even when no-one is looking. Our company has two specific areas of interest in the real estate investment community. Neither is more important than the other and they are always complimentary of each other. They are simply Funding & investing in Real Estate! 
As a Private Money Broker we are poised to service almost any type of real estate transaction for our investing clients. As a direct investor we also participate in joint venture for new and seasoned investors. On either side of the process we have over 100 million available for our clients and moreover we have a strong insight to the needs of our clients needs. We are problem solvers and enjoy helping a client get past the hurdles that have held them back. In my humble opinion, there is always a path to what you want to accomplish if you have the right people to work with. 

Real Estate Investment & Joint Ventures

As a Private Money Broker we do not have a .......
"Rate of the Day" nor do we over promise on what we can do.  Having access to over 100 million in assets for our investors provides multiple options to tailor needs of our clients. This is an asset based loan which means your credit is not the important factor to get funded. 


New Investors & Seasoned Real Estate Investors

The goal is to provide the best terms and rates and reduce restrictions that may hinder their ability to invest and grow. True 100% funding is possible even for new investors. Our goal is to get you into your deal with as little cash as possible everytime you make a purchase.


Relationships are important and doing what's right will build a longer one. Call and let's talk about what's most important issues for your business. 


As a Private Money Broker and an active Real Estate Investment firm, we are also interested in acquisitions for our company as well as Joint Venture opportunities.

Many Joint Ventures come from contractors that are already doing the rehabs for other companies but now would like the opportunity to invest themselves. They see the profit side and have proven their skills in getting the job done. 


Wholesale Conversions. A growing number of our Joint Ventures are now coming from Wholesalers that are able to sign purchase agreements easily however they are not able to convert them. We can monetize them and may even be able to provide them a rehab contractor so they can walk it all the way to the finish line! 

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